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Employment Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in the Fort Walton Beach Housing Authority as a potential employer. We are proud of our employees, the services they perform, and the clients we serve.

All employment opportunities, open to the public, are posted on the Fort Walton Beach Housing Authority web site. You may email resumes to or Fax 850-244-6533.

When your application or resume is received, it will be evaluated to determine if you meet the specified employment qualifications. If you qualify for consideration, we will make your application available to the hiring supervisor. Since we do not review applications on file, it will be your responsibility to keep up-to-date on our vacancies.


100% single rate medical 

-          $50,000 life insurance policy

-          9 paid holidays per year

-          1 paid personal day per year

-          12% of salary into retirement plan after one year of employment

-          3.33 hours of leave is earned per month the  first year totaling 39.96 hours, the second year 6.66 hours     of leave is earned per month, totaling 79.92 hours.

-          Sick leave 10 days per year


Finance Director

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 Maintenance Technician

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